IBSU Alumni Office

The members of our Office are sure that our alumni recall the years spent at IBSU as the best time of their lives. You probably still keep in touch with your former classmates. Today, some of you might even work together.

We deem the friendships built at IBSU too precious. That is why our Office does its best to create and preserve the ties between the alma mater and its alumni. We consider our alumni to be the most important representatives of the university, for you hold the knowledge brought to you by the International Black Sea University. To our mind, you are the few, who can properly assess the quality of our university.

In addition to that, we are glad to say that some of our graduates help our students and newly graduated ones, providing the latter with internship and job opportunities.

We advise you to follow this page, in order to keep in touch with former classmates, get news, job offers, and information regarding upcoming events.

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